Rains – Relief or Trouble


The call of the Government to the nation is to ‘save every drop of water’ and in the entire rainy season we are wasting entire water and not accumulating over the surface and as underground water. June-July is first month of reason and all the cities, towns and villages are flooded causing the miseries. In a haphazard of way of living and construction of houses we have not made any provision of water outlets. The net result is the flooding of all the cities Bhopal, Gwalior, Indore and even Mumbai located on the sea. In Madhya Pradesh the Government announced that before the onset of monsoon every village will have Talab of its own to store water for drinking, daily use and irrigation. Such large number of talab will also make underground water by percolation. The Bargi Dam of Narmada is full and its 7 gates are opened. But this caused flood of nine districts.But still there is no news from the Government sources how many village Talab have be constructed under the MANREGA progamme and water accumulation in it. We are always short of water after the rainy season and it is criminal to waste rain water and let it flow out.