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Rains Lashing MP


After a gap of few weeks now heavy rains are lashing the entire Madhya Pradesh. On August 20-21 in 24 hour it rained 6.25 inch in Bhopal and some is the position in the neighbouring district of Vidisha & Raisen. The River Betwa is in high spate and these districts are cut off in roads from inside and outside also. The another district Sehore is flooded everywhere. In the North Western Madhya Pradesh the Mandsaur district it is water all over. At a culvert a car was washed away and all the four occupants drowned inside the car. In capital Bhopal 6 persons have died. In the Bhoj Sagar the water level increased by 2 inches in 24 hours as never before. There is three small talabs in a series inside the city and all are overflowing submerging many localities in the old city. Till recently the shortage in rains was 23 per cent but now it has come down to 3 per cent. The rainy month “Sawan” is almost over and next Hindu calendar month Bhadra is coming within few days. It is assessed that this year the rains will be in surplus in the state. The current rain helpful to the agriculture but in case of excess rains it is damaging to the crops.

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