Rajiv Gandhi


Among all the 15 Prime Ministers so far Mr Rajiv Gandhi was the only youth Prime Minister of India. By profession and career he was air line pilot but as a politician and Prime Minister he piloted the nation in to the 21st Century. During his tenure the voting age of India lowered from 21 to 18 years making crores of youth of the country partners in electing the Government. He also provided 30 per cent reservation to women in the panchayat system. He was born on 20th August in 1944 and became 9th Prime Minister of India on 31st October 1984. It was a hard day for him on that day his mother and Prime Minister of India. Mrs Indira Gandhi was assassinated by Khalistan terrorists who were her body guards. The 18th Asian Games that are going on in Jakarta in Indonesia were visualized by Mr Rajiv Gandhi. Now it is a major sports event.Mr Rajiv Gandhi in his modern vision introduced computer age in India. Now there are talks about online. Digitalization, paperless offices and it was Mr Rajiv Gandhi who initiated this phase.He belonged to Nehru-Gandhi family, which gave three Prime Ministers to India. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru the first Prime Minister of independent India from 15th August 1947 to till death on 27th May 1964 for 17 long years. Mr Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister twice 5th and 8th from 24th January 1966 to 24th March 1977 and 14th January 1984 to 31st October 1984. Mr Feroz Gandhi, father of Mr Rajiv Gandhi was a freedom fighter and leading of Congress Member of Parliament from Rai Barely. His wife Mrs Sonia Gandhi top leader of the Congress and their son Mr Rahul Gandhi is now Congress President and one of those who are counted as future Prime Minister of India. The Bofors gun were purchased during his term and the opposition alleged massive corruption. But even to his day despite many non Congress Government in between nothing could be proved against this deal but it was proved that because of fire range power of Bofors gun India could hit and win the Kargil war. Mr Rajiv Gandhi settled the Lankan Tamil problem with an agreement with Sri Lankan President Mr Jeyavardhane and a separate state, like Indian states, was a carved out in the Northern Sri Lanka with a Tamil Chief Minister there. But LTTE betrayed Mr Rajiv Gandhi and brought against Indian Peace Keeping Force and during the election meeting at Sriparumbadur assassinated him by suicide bomber in Tamil Nadu. The Madhya Pradesh Congress has observed his birth anniversary on August 20 as “sankalpa divas” with a pledge to win back power in Madhya Pradesh in the coming election to State Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha. If it succeeds it will be fitting tribute of Mr Rajiv Gandhi.