The Super hit hero of Tamil films Mr.Rajnikant has announced that he has entered the political life. He will form a political party and in the next election to the Tamil Nadu Vidhan Sabha his party will contest from all the 234 constituencies. He is something very big in the film world, but novice in the political field. In his very first press conference he behaved in a funny way announcing that his ministry would resign if it would not fulfill the promises. It is totally absurd to declare so when there is nothing of this sort in existence. The ‘hit’ in films shoot up but ‘hit’ in elections dash you to ground. He will be under the spell of Euphoria for sometime and it will come after some time to normal level. His party is also going to be regional party like AIADMK and DMK. There were days when lofty stalwart like Chakravarthi Rajgopalachari and leader like K.Kamraj, were the leaders of Congress and Tamil Nadu, then known as Madras Presidency, were all and all in the political like. The regional parties, like DMK were just runner up. Rajaji was forefront leader in freedom struggle and first Indian Governor General (State of State) of India. He was so modest that after being Governor General later he served as Chief Minister of Madras Presidency. After him Mr.K.Kamraj become Chief Minister there, on his becoming Congress President when Pandit Nehru was Prime Minister, Mr.Bhaktavatsalam took over as Congress Chief Minister. But he was not a strong leader. The DMK Leader Mr.Karunanidhi aroused emotional upsurge in Tamil Nadu that Hindi overriding Tamil language and launched a most violent agitations in the state and established himself Dravidian leader and the Chief Minister. But in the party split the matinee idol Mr.MG Ramachandran scored over Mr.Karunanidhi. MGR captured power and firmly continued till his death. Only after his death Mr.Karunanidhi could come up and power fluctuated between AIADMK led by Jayalalitha and DMK led Karunanidhi. Now after the death of Jayalalitha the position of DMK and Karunanidhi have improved. But now Mr.Rajnikant has announced his entry into politics praising MGR. He is contemplating that in such a political situation in the state he has a chance to emerge another charismatic leader like MGR. In the film world he is adored as MGR and now it is in future whether he will be another MGR in political field also. He is super hero with huge fan following. His fans are his solid base for the political party that he is going to form soon. He is definitely a strong formidable challenge to the Karunanidhi and his DMK and also to ruling AIADMK which has no leader of standing of Jayalalitha. Rajnikant has taken it as the most opportune time to enter politics and take up new role of the Chief Minister. He has entered from reel life of film fantasy to real life of politics. But his party will also be regional party. Tamil Nadu is still far away from national party and politics.