Rakesh Kukreja becomes Sindhu Sena domain president


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Sindhu Sena the national organisation has organized committee in every district. This organisation is doing work for the welfare of people in every districts. So the president of Bhopal district Mr. Rakesh Kukreja has now been elected as the president of whole M.P. This nomination was done by the constitutor of Sindhu Sena Mr. Devanand. Rakesh Kukreja has always raised the demand for welfare of people to government and administration also. He has organised many tournaments like Cricket, Football and Snooker tournaments to lighten up the players of the society. He has provided a best platform to the youth of the society by organising Career Councilling and prize distribution too. He has made the people aware about Thalassemia by organising Thalassemia campaign and has organised blood donation camp too. He has helped the helpless people by providing them ration. By seeing the popularity between the society and devotion of doing help Mr. Rakesh Kukreja has announced to be the president of Madhya Pradesh Sindhu Sena. He has been congratulated by Anil Tharwani, Sumit Ahuja, Ravi Bajaj, Vikas Wadhwani, Rakesh Shevani, Rohit Phelwani, Vicky Sadana, Santosh Puri, Kamal Rajani, Rajesh Panjwani, Bhisham Ahuja, Manish Ramchandani,Naresh Golani, Rakesh Kriplani and many other people.