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Ravi Shankar asks WhatsApp to comply with Indian laws; prevent its misuse


New Delhi, Union Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Tuesday asked Whatsapp's CEO Chris Daniels to work closely with law enforcement agencies of India and create public awareness campaign to prevent misuse of the social media platform. After holding a "productive meeting" with the WhatsApp CEO here, Mr Prasad said there was a need to find solutions to the law and order challenges that India faces due to misuse of the WhatsApp. Mr Prasad told reporters: "There are also very sinister developments that provokes crime like mob lynching, revenge porn, and you must find solutions to these challenges which are downright criminal violation of Indian laws." Keeping that in Mind, Mr Prasad said, he suggested the CEO three points -- to set up a grievance officer in India; establish a corporate entity in India and comply with Indian laws. "I, therefore, suggested three points to him. First, WhatsApp must have a grievance officer in India. "Second -- you must have a proper compliance of Indian laws. We won't appreciate a scenario where any problem will have to be answered in America. The third point is WhatsApp has become an important component of India's digital storage and it must have a proper corporate entity located in the country." On the meeting, the Minister said, "I had a very productive meeting. I complimented him for extraordinary technological awakening that WhatsApp has led in the country, for education, healthcare, relief in Kerala. These are positive developments." Mr Prasad said Mr Daniels assured him that Whatsapp will undertake these initiatives.

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