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Record Wheat Production


Now India is world’s number 2 producer of wheat after America being at the top place. The India has surpassed Australia and Canada which were at number 2 and 3 in the ranking. There were days after the Independence when India for many decades imported wheat, rice, maize, milo etc. for our domestic consumption. Now we are producing bumper crops which established that how much progress as nation we have made in 7 decades. Now we are exporting quality and coarse wheat and rice to other countries. But it is paradox and WTA compulsion that besides exporting we are importing wheat. The Indian flour and food items making industries reporting wheat from Australia, which is cheaper than domestic wheat. Every year the Government is enhancing minimum support price of wheat and all other crops that make domestic produce more costly then imported wheat of Australia. The India has raised the wheat support price this year by 6 per cent at Rs1840 rupees per 100 kilogramme. India’s wheat production will rise 2 per cent from last year to a record 99.12 million tonnes. The Government wheat stocks were 17 million tonnes as on April 1 up by 30 per cent than last year. The Central and State Government busy utpo certain fixed quota to run food welfare programmes like PDS (Public Distribution System). Due to coming bumper wheat crops and previous wheat stocks Government buffer stocks the wheat prices inside the country have already fallen by 11 per cent and may go down further. After Government purchases it is feared in open market wheat prices are likely to crash. To avert such situation the Central Government with immediate effect raised the import duty by 10 per cent from 30 to 40 per cent on imported wheat. The hike on import will compel the local flour and food industry to busy domestic produce that will avert the sharp fall in the price of domestic wheat. The Government hopes that it would be able to maintain wheat prices at the support level. While agricultural productions have gone up but other essentials like adequate godown, quick transport and above all adequate agro industries are far behind. Every year thousands of tonnes of food grains got spoiled in open in rains and not getting godowns. Even the farmers do not get chemical fertilizers in time and crops are wasted. A nation of bumper crops do not have adequate fertilizer plants to meet our requirement. The perishable commodities like potatoes, tomatoes, onions are thrown away with the price crash. The agro industries and godown facilities upto village level are our basic necessity and requirements.

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