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Red Alert in Jammu


Due to Pakistan shelling on the International borders with India and Taliban attack in Afghanistan is situation is very grave and serious. The Director General of the Border Security Force (BSF) Mr. K.K.Sharma has said that it is war like situation there. The Government has said that it was alert and keeping the situation in full attention. The Indian Forces giving befitting reply to Pakistan uptill now 10 Pakistani Rangers and five Indian Jawan have lost life. The Army and Para-Military Forces are evacuating the people from the border areas to safe zone relief camps. This shows that Indian forces want to take some decisive action. Pakistan forces targeted 48 Indian posts and villages. In Naushare area about 100 students were trapped in a school and Indian forces rescued without any hurt to them. All the schools in the troubled border areas are closed. Pakistani shelled 60 Indian posts and 120 villages in the 19 sectors. With evacuation of people many villages are totally empty. About 40 thousand people have left for safer places. In Afghanistan the Talibanis terrorists have attacked the 5-star Continental Hotel in Kabul, held many guest captive and killed in gunfire. There are reports that many people were gravely injured. The four Talibanis entered and captured the hotel in the early morning hours around 3-4 am. According to the National Directorate of Security said that after a prolonged operation of 12 hours all the four intruder terrorists were gunned down and forces secured the hotel. The terrorists set a portion of the hotel on fire. The terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan are getting military backing with arms and ammunition from Pakistan and China. The militants in Kashmir launched grenade attack near Pulwama police station. In it 8 policemen and one ASI were injured. In the Kashmir Valley the Army Cordon and search operations are going on to flush out hidden terrorists in the homes of local population. The people of Kashmir Valley said they were the most hard pressed people between the terrorists and the armed forces. The terrorists are forcing young people to join them. The local population is not giving shelter to terrorists but they force themselves on them. Many are fleeing from the Valley to other states of India. They fear full scale war with terrorists and Pakistan may flare up anytime. The Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has asked Pakistan to see reasons and stop border violations.

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