Reliance Ent launches new game 'Kaun Banega Pradhan Mantri'


New Delhi, Anil D Ambani led Reliance Entertainment's Zapak, the gaming destination, in association with Zhakaas Games, launched 'Kaun Banega Pradhan Mantri' mobile game. The game is releasing at an interesting time when the entire country participates in the biggest event on the planet – the 2019 India Elections! 'Kaun Banega Pradhan Mantri' encapsulates the thrill of the current Indian political scenario and encompasses the ongoing General Elections 2019. 'The Election Commission of India does its best to raise the awareness of voting amongst various communities and across demographics by running programs and campaigns to encourage voter turnout. We at Zapak, joined hands with Zhakaas Games, to increase the awareness about how 'EVERY VOTE MATTERS', in a style that we know best - making games', said Amit Khanduja, CEO, Reliance Digital. Aayush Agarwal, Founder, Zhakaas Games, said,'Politics affects every individual at very basic levels, and is one of the most discussed topics across the country. Be it a bus or train journey, local food joints or lavish meeting rooms, people exhibit political enthusiasm in some form and are fans of political figures in our country. The game targets such individuals and clearly showcases how every vote can make a difference through its gameplay. We are excited to be partnering with Zapak, who are leaders in mobile and online gaming in India and understand the pulse of the Indian gamer.' Becoming a Prime Minister is not easy! Choose a leader from multiple political avatars in the game, run across the streets and around the city and rush into other people to convert them into your supporters. Each supporter clones the looks of the leader and starts following the leader on their trail. Players can see the number of supporters above the leader’s head. Each player will come across other competing leaders with their followers backing them up. Avoid the larger parties as they can steal your supporters and take over your party and followers. You can instead take over other smaller parties and add their entire follower base to yours and make your campaign even stronger. The leader with a maximum number of supporters at the end of a very intense two minutes will emerge as the winner. Remember, 'Every Vote Matters'. You can lose even by the difference of one supporter in the game or be consumed by a leader who is just one follower stronger. 'Kaun Banega Pradhan Mantri' is a moral initiative towards creating that awareness in society. It aims to evoke responsibility among the citizen of India and more importantly among the youth and the kids, who will shape the future of our country. The game is free to play, available on the Google Play Store and coming soon to the Apple App Store.