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Religious Places


The Supreme Court has directed all the district Judges of India to inspect all the religious places within their districts and submit the reports to the respective High Court. Further the Supreme Court directed the High Courts to treat the reports of the DJs as Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and put on hearing to elicit public opinions, suggestions and grievances about such religious places. Even in high grade religious places like Jyotirlinga Temple of Rameshwaram and Durgah Sharif of Ajmer people are put to great difficulties by the Temple and Durgah Management by such practices which are totally against the all religious tenets. There are 20 lakh temples, 3 lakh mazjids and thousands of Churches in India. The Supreme Court in its order passed by the Justice Mr.Adarsha Goel and Justice Mr.Abdul Nazir observed for the religious places alongwith the Central and State Governments, the judiciary is also responsible. The District Judges will also inspect and examine the activities and functioning of charitable trust also. Whatever offerings in cash and kind are being offered by the devotees at these places must be accounted properly and used in public interest. At Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga temple the Shivlinga is placed in a big hall in the center and devotees are stopped at the door far away from it and they cannot have darshan of it. Two priest sit at the door they take “Prasad” from the people and ask them to move on. They make the visit to Rameshwaram totally futile and people feel cheated by such practices. At Ujjain Mahakal Jyotirlinga, at Omkareshwar, Somnath Jyotirlinga people have “darshan” from very close of its placement. It should be followed at Rameshwaram also. At Ajmer Sharif Dargah the people go for the “Deedar” of Majar of Moiuddin Christi. But here the Dargah “Kidmatgar”, stand on all the four sides of the “Mazar” with big cloth sheets asking cash donation on the sheets. With the sheets all around cannot have “Deedar” of the Mazar. Such practices make the visit to Dargah totally wasted and must be stopped forthwith. In Karnataka at the Jain religious place of Bahubali at the Sharwanbelgola at the feet of the statue there is a donation container but at the same place some people stand there and seek donation. At Allahabad Sangam at the time of immersion of ashes the Pandas there snatch the ashes bag and returned it only after getting the ransom money. At all the religious places something of the other such practices prevail which are total negation of religious sanctity. At Surat in Gujarat there is Dargah in the middle of the road over it the communal riot erupted there. The Supreme Court has ordered earlier that all such religious spots between the road must be removed but its directives yet not carried out by the states. It is hoped that now the reports of DJs and High Court public hearings on it will set the right for all time to come. In such hearing people must take active interest and appear before the High Courts at the time of hearing on the DJ reports under the public interest litigation.

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