Response to AAP govt’s ‘doorstep delivery’ remains high on day 2


New Delhi, The ‘doorstep delivery’ of services launched by the AAP government, continued to get massive response on the second day on Tuesday, as a total number of 13,783 calls were connected till 1700 hrs. The scheme, aimed at providing 40 services at the doorstep of the citizens, was launched on Monday by the Government. “By 5 pm (1700 hrs) on Tuesday, the total number of calls connected was 13,783. Out of these, 4,758 calls were answered by the executive handling the call centre. Rest of the calls were on waiting line and are being called back,” a Government statement said. SMS were also sent to 8101 callers whose calls were not answered and are in process of being called back, it stated. The Government said the total number of appointments fixed for different services to be availed by the citizens was 624 till 1700 hrs. The doorstep delivery team had visited 74 households. This data is of the total calls from the time of launch of the scheme on Monday 10 am till 5 pm on Tuesday. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is himself monitoring the implementation of the scheme closely, chaired a review meeting on the scheme. The meeting was attended by all the Ministers of Delhi Cabinet and other key stakeholders involved in the implementation of the scheme. In the meeting, Mr Kejriwal discussed the number of calls received, answered and documents collected. On the 21,000 calls which were unable to connect on September 10 (the launch day of the scheme); the unique numbers were only 4,200. On the first day September 10, 2,728 numbers of calls were connected and 1,286 were answered by 40 operators and 50 lines. The number of operators was increased to 80 and lines were increased to 120 on Tuesday. Now for further smoothening up the system, the Chief Minister has directed to add more operators and lines from Wednesday. The number of operators would be 150 and phone lines will be 200. The government feels that with further increase in the number of operators and lines the teething trouble will decrease and the system will smoothen up. The number of operators has been more than tripled since day 1 and the number of lines has been increased four times compared to day 1. Looking at the number of calls on day 1, the government feels that the new strengthened up back-end would be successful in handling the calls made. However, the government is ready to further enhance the numbers if required in the days to come. The Chief Minister has asked the team handling the scheme to keep him reported about the developments on the scheme. He will be monitoring the data closely for any kind of curative steps to be taken as he is of the view that there would be some teething problems in the initial days.