Road Accidents


The Supreme Court Road Safety Committee is looking into road accidents caused by the pits on the roads and its damaged conditions. In this context the Supreme Court committee was informed that in Madhya Pradesh between 2013 to 2017 on this count 1385 persons were killed. In this respect the state is in third position after Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. But the Government must take overall view of all type of accidents. There are general thing is that roads are not so wide and number of vehicles are increasing day by day. In cities the road dividers are necessary and it are also cause a number of road accidents and deaths. It generally occur in overtaking situation. The other factors are rash driving, driving while drunk and talking on mobile phones. These are driving offences but going on with immunity. Occasionally there are traffic police special drives to regulate the traffic but it are of few days and that is meaningless. The traffic control measures should go on regular basis.