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Road Factor


In Madhya Pradesh Road Development and destruction are in contrast of each other. The Chief Minister Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan Government is claiming massive road construction as a firm of development of the state. On July 23 the Union Surface Transport Minister Mr.Nitin Gadkari dedicated the National High Ways project – Shivpuri-Guna, Guna-Biaora and Lakhnadon-Chapara at Guna and laid stone for five road projects Jhansi-Khajraho, Seoni-Nagpur, Hiran River and Sidndoor River sub section, Rewa-Sidhi and Biora-Maksudangarh. At the same time agitation are going on in the state against the potholes on the roads even on national Highways and Stateways. The people are planting saplings and putting up flowerpots on such potholes. Despite expansion of the roads there is no maintenance of roads. In rainy season almost all the roads are badly damaged and very difficult for the trade movement on the roads. Every year it is a permanent feature. Road must be of such specifications that must remain all right for many years.

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