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Road Rage Hushed up


The crime of road rage committed by drunk car riders with the Minister Mr.Jalan Singh and his driver was hushed up because of their said to be close links with the Speaker Mr.Sita Saran Sharma. The accused are connected with sand trade. They are booked for a minor offensive driving the vehicle in drunk conditions. They were let of promptly on bail from the police station itself and there vehicle was not seized. The sand mafia having roaring illicit trade as they are having political links and patronage. The sand mafia has degraded the Narmada with massive sand mining from its beds. It is dry in patches and have no water to supply it the need of Gujarat. They have private as medgang to carry the sand under the gun cover. When they are checked they attack not only the mining staff but even the collector, SP and SDM etc. The way the mafia case was hushed up showed the surrender of police and the minister before be sand mafias. The police nabbed the criminal within no time but the Minister, who called the police,backed out and not filed the complaint with the police. The police was helpless on seeing the political clout in the matter. The Minister accepted the apology on the case hushed up. Such things has demoralizing effect on the administration and give boost to sand mafia and criminals.

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