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Roadside vendors, hawkers occupy roads


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Roadside vendors, hawkers selling edible items, fruits, vegetables etc on kiosks have occupied the sides of all major roads of the city. They have illegally encroached on the footpaths and roadsides. There is no doubt in the fact that many public streets in Delhi are plagued by heavy congestion due to narrow roads. This is mostly because of the roadside vendors and hawkers who occupy almost half of the street. To bring in the orderly operation of vendors and street hawkers on main roads and make public spaces congestion free, the BMC takes action against them from time to time but the vendors re-occupy the places. These roadside hawkers on the city roads have become a major hurdle in movement of traffic. The vendors are organised and reportedly have political associations. There are several markets in the city where vends have turned into kiosks and shops. The unauthorised vendors hamper the flow of traffic on roads. The government has notified rules for identifying space for vendors, ensuring their livelihood as well as an easy movement of traffic in these areas. Around two years back, following the directions of the Supreme Court, the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) had started the survey to make vending zones. As per Supreme Court guidelines, the civics bodies have to establish vending zones in various areas of the city to shift vendors from roadside to these zones. Mallikka Nigam, additional commissioner, BMC, said, “We have been making efforts. Action is taken against illegal vendors from time to time. The vendors generally don’t agree to shift their vends from one place to other as they feel that relocation of vends will hit their business.”

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