Rs 10,000 award announced on Katare, Vikramjit


SIT announces award, journalism student writes to DIG

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The Special Investigation Team (SIT) formed in the MLA honey trap case has announced an award of Rs 10,000 for the arrest of MLA Hemant Katare and co-accused Vikramjit Singh. Police have been searching Hemant Katare and Vikramjit Singh for a long time but they have gone underground. Meanwhile the victim journalism student has written to the DIG demanding immediate arrest of absconding Congress MLA Katare. Congress lawmaker from Madhya Pradesh Katare has been charged with kidnapping and molestation of a female journalism student, on the complaint of the young woman and her mother. The police complaint was filed against Hemant Katare. The police charges against Katare came days after he had filed a complaint last month alleging that the woman was blackmailing him and demanding Rs 2 crore. The police had arrested the woman on January 24 after she was caught accepting Rs 5 lakh from Katare. However, the student, through the jail superintendent, had sent a request in which she had written about the molestation she faced several times. Her mother filed a complaint in the Bajaria Police Station about her kidnapping. On the basis of these complaints, a case of molestation is filed at the Mahila thana and a case of kidnapping in the Bajaria Police Station. The police took Katare’s mobile phone and is investigating the matter. Earlier, the woman had uploaded a video alleging molestation by the politician but later posted another video claiming that it was a joke and also apologised to Katare.

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