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Rs 3.16 cr of money of banks was written off in Demonetisation: Rahul


New Delhi, Attacking the Narendra Modi government on demonetization, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday said that while the decision to demonetize old currency put the common man in trouble, for the crony capitalists, it was an opportunity to convert their black money into white. Referring to a news report which quoted a report by the Reserve Bank of India as saying that between April 2014 and April 2018, the money written off by banks was seven times the loan recovered by them which led to RS 3.16 lakh Cr of common man's money going down the drain, Rahul, in a post on social media, said,’’Modi's India- For Common Man: Notebandi-line up and put ur money in banks. All ur details into Aadhar. U can't use ur own money. For Crony capitalists: Notebandi-convert all ur black money to white. Let's write off 3.16 lakh Cr using common man's money.’’

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