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RS Chairman expresses unhappiness to Opposition leaders over disruption


New Delhi, Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu on Tuesday expressed unhappiness to some Opposition leaders in his chamber over the manner a good discussion on National Register of Citizens (NRC) was derailed towards the end in the House. Saying it was ``unfortunate’’, he reportedly told Opposition leaders that it looked as though the disruption was pre-planned, sources said. Speaking to leaders in his chamber, Mr Naidu said for the first time he suspended the Question Hour acceding to the request of all sections but the purpose was defeated by not allowing the discussion to conclude and preventing the government from responding, the sources said. He expressed concern over the manner in which some opposition members rushed to the Well of the House despite his appeals not to do so. As soon as the Question Hour commenced and requests were made, the Chairman had used his discretion and agreed to suspend the Question Hour to discuss the NRC issue. Some of the opposition leaders had requested the Chair to allow discussion during the Question Hour so that the rest of the legislative business could be taken up in a regular manner. However, such was the pandemonium that a visibly upset Chair adjourned the House after Congress and AITC members rushed into the Well of the House protesting his decision earlier to adjourn the House for 10 minutes at 1 pm. The disruptions happened after several opposition members said the NRC was a national and issue relating to human rights and must be dealt with sensitively. The House was adjourned after BJP member and party president Amit Shah said the NRC was a part of Rajiv Gandhi’s Assam accord, which the Congress did not have guts to implement but the BJP government did.

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