Rural Cleanliness Survey


After cleanliness survey in urban cities now the Central Government has launched the cleanliness survey in all the districts of all the states. The Central team will take up random survey in the 10 villages in each district in every state. The selected villages will be awarded on Gandhi Jayanti day October 2 by the Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi. The villages are generally clean being less in population and households. The main problem in the villages is that sanitation in the form open air latrines. Now there is aggressive campaign against it the situation is improving. Now cleanliness has become national slogan and awareness among the people. The UPA Government launched it as ‘Nirmal Bharat’ to have toilets in the houses, but it could not gain momentum and fizzled out. But now it has become a Government job to achieve the target of abolishing the practice of open air defecations.