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Sabarimala Entry


The Supreme Court in a landmark judgment ruled that women of all age have right to go and worship at the Sabarimala Temple on the equal footing as men are going there. It is their constitutional right of equality. In the century old Hindu temple the entry of girl and women of 10 to 50 years of age were banned on the ground of menses. Since the very beginning upto the scientific and era of medical knowledge the menses on wrong notion was treated as a period of uncleanliness and they were kept away in the families as untouchables. Now it is medically proved there is nothing like unhygienic or uncleanliness in the menses period of women. Rather on the hand it is her womenhood to produce children and only till menses age of women can conceive. It is a matter of pride and glory of women at that age period. The Supreme Court ruled the menstrual age in a nature and cannot be co-related with temple and worship. Menses is natural body function of the women. The Supreme Court ruled that there was no logic to prevent the women entry into Sabrimala on this ground. In all the religion of the outdated customs and notion persist even if it has become redundant and absolutely false.The Hindu women with determination fought for their fight to Sabrimala entry and won it at the Supreme Court in July 2018. On false notions women were treated as ‘Untouchable’ during this period and kept in isolation. Now in the modern world no women follow it and they were in the home and outside with full freedom. But the Sabrimala temple management even in the 21st century sticks to such outdated notion and practice. In Hindu society caste system few castes were treated untouchable. Gandhiji even during thick of freedom movement launched crusade against caste system and untouchability of lower caste people. He secured temple entry right for untouchable people. But at Sabarimala the women untouchability persisted till now in the temple entry. The women in all the religious are fighting determined battle against all religious practices which discriminating against women. Be it Hindu women or Muslim women Shah Bano and Nida Khan they fighting for equal right. The law and society and with them against the fundamentalism of few religious persons.

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