Sagar Public School goes green with every ‘Sagarite’ admitted


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Sagar Public School, Rohit Nagar Campus is spreading the message of save the environment with every ‘Sagarite’ admitted this year. Earlier, the school had participated as ‘Green School’ in National Science Exhibition, New Delhi and was applauded and recognized for its efforts of being eco-friendly. The school practices and inherits sustainability amongst children with 3R concept - Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. The school has been initiating plantation activities every year with children, parents, office staff and communities to spread the message and conserve the environment. This year, to instill sustainability amongst children in early stages of life, the school has initiated a step forward and is going green with every ‘Sagarite’ getting admitted by providing a sapling. It is pledging with a request to plant the sapling and witness the growth of both sapling and child to form ‘Tree of Growth’. The ‘Tree of Growth’ will inculcate value amongst children to be more responsible towards environment. The joy and happiness which the child receives to raise the sapling into a tree is the same which parents experience each day. This initiative of Sagar Public School is being appreciated by parents and each day parents are joining the initiative and the cause. Sagar Public School Rohit Nagar Campus has a vibrant atmosphere for learning with faculty rich in talent and experience. The CBSE affiliated school, strives to teach its students to celebrate tradition, peace, harmony and humanity. The school offers teaching and learning in a caring environment where the teachers groom the child with a holistic approach. Personalized learning honors each student with state-of-the-art facilities, latest computer systems and programs supporting the efforts to integrate the curriculum with technology. Tata Edge is another step in this direction for a smart classroom. The campus also offers activity based learning that makes the children active and smart. It nurtures their talent and groom the intellect to be an unique SAGARITE. The school also offers SPS ASPIRE - A specialized programme which integrates resources and experts, celebrities from various fields such as art, dance, film, music, sports, media, science and technology which are invited to the school to motivate students, open their minds and add avenues for exploration. The campus is equipped with world class infrastructure with swimming pool and other games ensuring holistic development of mind, body and soul. The campus also offers mess facility which comprise of well equipped clean kitchen with latest equipments. Dieticians plan nutritious palatable and balanced diet for all the Sagarities. The same is cooked by trained chefs maintaining perfect hygiene and cleanliness to inherit eating habits and groom table manners.