‘Samvida’ Teachers


The ‘Samvida’ teachers who are no more ‘Samvida’ because of being absorbed in the Government services as its employees are very sore over the decision of Government to create a separate cadre for them. It has deprived them the scale equal to permanent Government teachers and their seniorities as Samvida teachers has not taken into new service record. So far they were ‘separate’ as ‘Samvida’ and still will be so on the bases of new cadre. The Samvida teachers are feeling cheeted and deceived by the Government in the name of new cadre of teachers. So is the case of Samvida employees of the other departments. The Government decided that these employees will got 90 per cent of the 7th pay scales and for absorption in the permanent service they will have to appear in test examination and other formalities.While they are demanding that they should be absorbed straight way into permanent services without any examination etc. They are working on such post for 15-20 years as ‘Samvida’ employees and till now quite fit for that job. The Government has decided that they will get 20 per cent bonus mark in tests.