Sanskritik Nyas and Vedanta Sanstha to be established at Omkareshwar: CM


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan in a Jansamvad programme held during the Ekatm Yatra in Babai of Hoshangabad district said that end of terrorism and naxalism from the World is only possible by the Advaita Vedanta Philosophy of Adi Guru Shankaracharya. He made announcement for establishment of Adi Guru Shankaracharya Sanskritik Nyas and Vedanta Sanstha at Omkareshwar on this occasion. Chouhan further mentioned that there are 3 ways to seek God, first knowledge, second devotion and third deeds. Most of the people follow the path of deeds. When a teacher properly teaches children, when a doctor give proper medical treatment to patients, when an engineer properly constructs bridge and when a public representative serves people with pure heart are karmas. Dr. Krishna Gopal said that Adi Guru Shankaracharya, although was born in Kerala but he came to obtain knowledge on the shore of Narmada. India is one from Kedarnath to Kerala. On this faith, he appointed pujaris of north in south’s math and pujaris of south in north. He further mentioned that the philosophy of Adi Guru Shankjaracharya is still the best. Dr. Gopal stated that Adiguru Shankaracharya received diksha on the shore of Narmada river, which blessed the soil of Madhya Pradesh. Mahamandaleshwar Akhileshwaranand mentioned that every common man has feeling of regard towards Ekatm Yatra set out from Pachmatha. Chief Minister Participates in Ekatm Yatra Chief Minister Chouhan participated in Ekatm Yatra in Babai. Carrying charan paduka of Adi Guru Shankaracharya symbolically on head, he reached the Jansamvad site on foot. Chouhan presented citation letters to the winners of the painting competition held in various schools. A fabulous presentation of Sanskrit Shloks and Strotas written by Adi Guru Shankaracharya was given by 9 member Dhruva Band in the Jansamvad programme. The band also gave presentation of Madhya Pradesh Gaan in Sanskrit. It may be mentioned that the Dhruva band is the only band which gives presentations in Sanskrit language. This amazing presentation of Dhruva band mesmerized all on the occasion. Dhruva band has joined Ekatm Yatra from Pachmatha and will also give presentation in Omkareshwar. Exhibition of public welfare schemes was also organized by the main departments of the district in the jansamvad programme of Ekatm yatra. The Atal Bal Palaks of Hoshangabad district met Chouhan and apprised him about the efforts being made to make the district malnutrition free and their experiences. Speaker Madhya Pradesh Assembly Dr. Sitasharan Sharma, Coordinator of Yatra ShivChoubey, MP Uday Pratap Singh, MLAs Sartaj Singh, Vijaypal Singh and Thakur Das Nagvanshi, Member of State Antodaya Committee Harishankar Jaiswal, President Nagarplika Hoshangabad Akhiesh Khandelwal, Acharya Umesh, Acharya balram, Sadhvi Satyam Bharti, Public Representatives, Villagers and Representatives of print and electronic media were present in the Jansamvad programme.