Sant Hirdaram Nagar residents consuming unsafe water


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal In Sant Hirdaram Nagar, the residents are forced to consume dirty and unsafe water. The people are drinking the same water which leads to itching and other skin diseases when one takes bath with it. In Ward 5, water is supplied on alternate days but this water has foul smell and muddy. The residents are on the verge of a major health emergency as they are compelled to drink unsafe water. Their only line of defence against bacteria and virus is filtering the water using their clothes. But it does not removes microbes and dissolved impurities. Locals in ward 5 are consuming water despite the fact that it is highly contaminated. A grim grey in colour, the water supplied by authorities is not even fir for using for washing, cleaning or bathing but people are using it for drinking and cooking. This water is contaminated and not for taking bath. The water should not be used for common daily chores and consumption.

-Aatmaram Suryavanshi, Resident