Satna outrage


A chilling ghastly incident of kidnapping of 2 twin brothers of KG class occurred in a broad day light in fully packed school bus within their school campus in Chitrakoot Satna. The serious and heinous crimes are going up in Madhya Pradesh. The criminals have become dare-devils in their madus operandi. Earlier they committed crime in night and isolated spots mostly of snatching the pursis, chains etc. But in city like Bhopal and other cities now they are targeting businessmen and others while returning home after closing the shops or other trading activities like making collections. They are robbing people at knife point even at their door steps and committing such crimes anywhere even on crowded roads. Now they are kidnapping infants even from infront of their homes and demanding hefty ransom.The crime situation is very alarming in the state. The Satna incidents is a open challenge to police and society as a whole.