Sawan Rains


The 21 states of India are facing heavy rains in the Hindu legendary month of Sawan that started from 17th July. But even before it the north eastern states and West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh faced heavy rains in June-July because the monsoon turf line moved there bypassing Western India. The Madhya Pradesh faced almost dry season in June and early July. Now the Madhya Pradesh is having good heavy rains all over the state. Earlier the people and particularly the farmers were very worried over a long gap in the monsoon rains after initial rains indicating arrival of Monsoon. There were no pre-monsoon rains and gap in Monsoon rains added to worries to State Administration also. The Sheopur district in the Western Madhya Pradesh was hit by the rains as never before. It received 186 millimeter (7.32 inches) rains in 12 hours. It is a bordering district with Rajasthan. It was totally cut off from all side with neighbouring districts of Gwalior, Morena, Shivpuri of Madhya Pradesh and Kota, Jaipur, Baron and Sawai Madhopur of Rajasthan. It becomes an island itself. In Maharashtra the Mumbai Metropolis was ravaged by the devastating rain twice. An express train going from Mumbai to Kolhapur could not proceed further from Bidlapur station as tracks were submerged upto the level of footsteps of the coaches. Police, Military and Air Force rescued all the 500 passengers safely in a massive praiseworthy rescue operation. It is noticeable thing that much above the floods in the mighty rivers it are the small rivers and nullah that cause and stop traffic and damage in road. In small rains it are overflowing in high flow of water submerge bridges and ‘pulias’. The small nullahs wash away roads much more than any other source. So much of waters is flowing out as total waste and every year we are facing the acute problem of shortage of surface water and underground water. All the time there are promises to have a talab in each and every village to have drinking water round the year and percolate ground water. But every year we hear the alarming reports of floods in every village in rains and no water in summer. But still we do not have a talab for every village as it own water reserve as assured supply for domestic and agriculture use. The Central and all State Government must ensure talab in every village and MANREGA force be deployed for it.