SC upholds constitutional validity of Aadhaar card with riders


New Delhi, The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the constitutional validity of Aadhaar card, but with conditions.A five-judge Constitution bench, headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra, however, struck down section 57 of the act that allows private companies to seek Aadhaar data. 'Aadhaar is meant to help benefits reach the marginalised sections of society and takes into account the dignity of people not only from personal but also from the community point of view,' the court said. Justice D Y Chandrachud said, Aadhaar violates the privacy of rights as it could possibly lead to profiling of persons and voters.While striking down section 57 that allows private companies to seek Aadhaar data, the court said, 'No mobile company can demand Aadhaar card.' The Apex Court said, "The government needs to ensure that illegal migrants do not get Aadhaar card". "Education has taken us from thumb impression to signature, now technology has taken us from signature to thumb impression," it added.