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School Transport


Although one day token strike by the school bus operators have ended but many drivers are still on strike and normalcy in school buses is not fully restored. But now Government has to remain all the time alert to ensure that the Supreme Court guidelines and State Government orders, rules and regulations are not carried out fully. When the Indore school bus tragic accident occurred it came to notice that there were no speed governor and cameras installed on the buses. It is the duty of the State Government to get the implementation of Supreme Court guidelines and to rules. At Indore the CM has removed the RTO but the same situation is prevailing all over the State. State Government sits quite after just issuing order and do not bother to see its compliance. Court decisions and Government orders should not remain just formalities. It must be strictly put into action. The Indore tragedy would have not happened if there was no slackness in the Government dealing with situation effectively. No school bus, van or auto should be allowed to ply without all the clearances. The school bus drivers, conductors are opposing the character verification by the police as many of them have criminal records and of being pick pockets. The people with criminal records should be employed in school buses.

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