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Schoolchildren the new 'Swachhagrahis': Javadekar


New Delhi, Union Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar on Saturday joined the Kendriya Vidyalaya students as part of the 'Swachhata hi seva' movement launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi here, and picked up waste lying in open along with them, encouraging them to keep their surroundings clean. Mr Javadekar, who kicked off the Swachhata Shramdan here in the Kendriya Vidyalaya Gole Market, said that the students are our 'Swachhagarahis' and they will lead by example as cleanliness is an essential part of life and will contributing the mission of cleanliness and make it successful. Slowly such a campaign to keep the surroundings clean and plastic free, will be taken across all the schools. Mr Javadekar, along with the school students, took a walk around the school's surroundings and picked up the plastic waste lying in the open. Accompanied by students and school staff, including teachers and their principal, he also spoke to the local vendors, shopkeepers around the premises directing them to keep the surroundings clean and not throw or let any customer throw the garbage or waste in open , specially in case of the eateries. 'We also warned the people nearby not to dump garbage and make places dirty', said the Minister.' Swach bharat was started four years ago and the kind of success the initiative has achieved so far has taken a big shape. Therefore, we are trying to include this like a habit in all the schools and beginning from the KV Gole market', said Mr Javadekar. Almost 6,000 tonnes of plastic remains uncollected everyday in the country and remains there for years without degrading, so we need to make our surrounding plastic free in view of environment. Shopkeepers should also contribute in keeping the surroundings clean and share the responsibility', said the Minister. Speaking to agencies , the Minister said that all the civic agencies should follow the notifications by the environment departments. While interacting with the students, the Minister said, 'If we keep our surroundings clean the whole country will slowly become clean', adding that 'we all should help in keeping our public places clean.' Talking about the hazards of plastic waste to students, the Minister said that thousands of tonnes of plastic waste is generated out of which 20 per cent still remains uncollected and plastic stays as it is does not degrade on its own, so it was necessary to make a plastic free environment for promoting cleanliness as well as good health.

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