Schools, guardians also feel exam pressure


Students busy preparing for upcoming board exams

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal While students are busy preparing for upcoming board exams, the guardians are also feeling the same pressure along with their child. Board Exams come with immense pressure and high expectation and to deal with this condition the aspirants need proper guidance and care. With less than a month left for the board examinations, several schools have taken steps like conducting counselling sessions to boost the morale of the examinees. Adopting innovative measures like holding a regular dialogue between the students, parents and teachers, inviting motivational speakers, organizing seminars covering different topics, attempts are being made by the school managements to mentally prepare the students for their first public examination. Counselling sessions have begun at the school. Schools have identified a few students of class 10 and 12, who besides the guidance need a regular therapy. On the basis of mock test, schools are guiding the students, pointing out their strong and weak points.Guardians are also trying to motivate their wards. After witnessing the rise in cases of students suffering from depression, going astray, several schools here in capital city are doing their bit to encourage the students. Like schools, parents and guardians as well are helping their kids to overcome the fear of examination from their level. Sapna Khare, a mother, whose 16 year child will take the Class 10 board examination, said, “Definitely, with the increase in competitions, parents expectation from children have increased. However, too much pressure on bringing excellent grades normally breaks the confidence level of a child. I often try not to compel my son for anything but I make sure that study routine-chart is followed. Also, I and my husband try to devote some time clarifying his doubts.” Meanwhile, the anxiety levels among the students who are taking the examinations have increased.While most of the students are busy in the last lap of preparation however, queries like type of questions that will be asked in the examination, career ahead, selection of stream etc are also continuously haunting the minds of the kids. “I am not comparing myself with anyone in the class neither I am afraid of taking this examination. By far, my preparations is well but certain things like getting admission, selection of courses, all depends on the board examination marks, so at times, I become little apprehensive,” said, Yogesh Nigam, a class 12 student. Meanwhile from eating right to taking a proper sleep to discussing their problems with elders, psychiatrists’ advices children to devote equal time for every activity to keep them stress free.

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