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Scorching Condition


Madhya Pradesh is reeling under the severe scorching summer condition. Now people are feeling dry eyes resulting in burning sensation, irritation and allergy. The heat struck cases are also increasing in hospitals, Diarea cases are also reported in large numbers. The heat waves are very termetting. There is no respite in night also and it is also rising rapidly. The mercury has gone beyond 43 degrees. The hot winds are coming from Rajasthan desert sites and flowing with high speed. According to the weather staff such tormatting conditions will prevail for many more days, the cloud formation are there with occasional soar but no rain. People are adviced to wash their eyes with cold water in many times in a day. It will provides some soothing effect. People are asked to restrict movement in the noon and to avoid dehydration to take ample amount of water. In all over Madhya Pradesh severe dry conditions prevailing and scarcity of water is much more than the summer heat.

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