S.C./S.T. Act


The Governments and society as w whole are in fix the over the agitations and counter agitation on the implication of Scheduled Caste and Schedule Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. The Supreme Court in a case decided that the provision to arrest a person in the case immediately on the filing of complicate was not proper thereon arrest be made after the due inquiry in the complaint by the police. On the court ruling serious violent agitation erupted in the country demanding that by a fresh legislation the provision of immediate arrest be restored. There was nothing wrong or hurting in the ruling but it being a election year of Lok Sabha and many state assembly it become a issue to game political mileage in the election. Modi Government also succumbed to the pressure and decided to amend the Act to overturn the Supreme Court verdict introducing anticipatory bail provision. On this the other caste referred as upper caste staged counter agitations against the amended provisions. They have gone before the Supreme Court with public interest petitions questioning the validity of amendment in alleging that government trying to drive political mileage by making the change. The Supreme Court has issued notice to the Government directing it to justify the amendment within six weeks. It all started with the Supreme Court ruling in the month of March this year that curved the police powers under the Criminal Procedure Code. Now with the PIL the issue is again before the Supreme Court to decide the amendment with reference its earlier ruling. There are already two opposing sides the SC and ST section and upper caste on demands totally against each other.The parties like Bhahujan Samaj Party are Republicn party and others taking it as political opportunity to gain votes of different classes. Whiling dealing with the P.I.L the judges of the Supreme Court refused to stay the operation of the amended Act. But after getting the reply to its notice to the Central Government the Supreme Court will decided the validity of the amended Act. Under such criss-cross situations and demands it is not only difficult situation of the Government the Judiciary but entire society are in difficult cross road bewildered to move in any direction. Such cross purpose agitations are highly harmful for the unity of the society and the country as a whole. We all must be very careful in the political life to ensure that there should be nothing that impairs our being one nation in diversity. It is high time for the majority Hindu majority to work hard and resolulately to break the caste system that has caused immense harm to itself.

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