Series of cultural programmes on Bharat Bhavan anniversary


On the occasion of the 38 anniversary of Bharat Bhavan, series of cultural programmes are going to be organised at Bharat Bhawan from February 13. Going to be held for the first time in the city, International Ceramic Exhibition will begin on February 13 at Bharat Bhawan. Along with which, people will get the chance to observe the creativity of Gond art, in the solo exhibition of Gond artist Durga Bai. In the category of cultural programmes, Reena Sinha will be giving her musical performance on the first day of the eve. 

After which, Cultural Minister, Dr Vijaylaxmi Sadho, will be officially inaugurating the festival on February 13 in the evening at Bharat Bhawan. Her inaugural speech will be followed by the musical performance of Pandit Saajan Mishra. On February 14, a play will be presented by Children’s Theater Academy, followed by the duet of Pandit Tajendra Narayan, with Pandit Purvayan Chaterjee on musical instrument Sarod and Sitar. Film ‘Mughl-e-Azam’ will be screened at Bharat Bhawan, followed by the dance drama presented by Vihaan Drama theater group, and story narration, next day. 

On February 16, people will get the chance to watch the film, ‘Pakeeza’ in afternoon, and folk song in the evening, along with multi-lingual story narration. On February 17, film, ‘Kala Pani’ will be shown for the audience, along with the musical performance of various talented artistes in the evening. On the last day of the celebration, film ‘Junoon’ will be screened at Bharat Bhawan, after which the audience will get the chance to enjoy the musical performance of the artistes in the evening, which will be followed by the enthusiastic dance drama presentation, ‘Aamrapali’. Classical ‘Kathak’ dance will be the key feature of this dance drama, which will be performed by the classical dancer Anuradha Sinha. The group dance of Kathak, will conclude the day. 

On February 19, film, ‘Parichay’ will be screened in the afternoon, followed by the classical dance performance in the evening at 6:30. The performance will be followed by folk song performance from the artistes. Play, ‘Agni aur Barkha’ will be staged on Feb 20, in the evening. People will get the chance to enjoy the play ‘Mein Raahi Masoom’ on February 21. A play directed by Tanveer Akhtar will be staged on February 22. The festival will be concluded by the play ‘Joon’, to be staged at Bharat Bhawan on February 23.