Severe Cold Conditions


Half of India from northern Himalayan states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and States of plains, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan upto Madhya Pradesh are under the severe grip of cold conditions due to heavy snowfall and blowing downward of icy cold waves. In Srinagar the Dal Lake has started freezing. The cold waves in other states are intensifying and the situation will further aggravate in the coming 10 days. As there are no clouds the weather is dry and chilly all over. The well known border town of Kargil recorded coldest night with dropped temperature reaching at Minus 20.6 degree. The temperature fell to minus 16.6 degree in Ladakh region. The entire Ladakh and Kashmiri Valley are passing through the winter phase of sub zero temperature. At Delhi the temperature is around 5 degree Celsius due to such hostile conditions almost all the trains operating from North to other directions are running 10 to 12 hours behind the schedule. While most of the places the foggy conditions have disrupted the morning life of the people but in Delhi it is “smog” compound of vehicles emitted gas and fog is the presently exclusive problem of Delhi. It feared with the increasing numbers of vehicles such “smog” conditions will spread out other cities in future. In rural India the population migrate when there are scarcity conditions due to deficient rains. But in Delhi now people migrate out of Delhi on the occasion of Diwali because of trapping of chemical smoke emitted by the fire crackers and at the time of smog during winter. In Madhya Pradesh the hill station Pachmarhi recorded the lowest temperature of 2 degree Celsius. The Raisen near Bhopal recorded 3 degree temperature. But in capital Bhopal the night temperature fell upto 7 and the day temperature is around 10 degree Celsius. In Madhya Pradesh the sky is clean of clouds and sun light prevailing all over the state. The cold conditions are due to icy winds from the north. The Gwalior and Chambal division district of Bhind, Morena, Sheopur, Gwalior and Datia are direct hit of cold waves from Delhi side. In Vindhya region the Khajuraho, Rewa areas are very cold. For the first time the entire state is facing cold condition at a time Rewa division is coldest among all the divisions. The cold conditions are very favourable for agriculture particularly the pulses crops. The sunny day and cold night are most welcome feature in farming. The pulses areas are Bhind, Morena and entire Malwa region. The state can expect bumper crops of the pulses.