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Sexploitation in Shelter Homes


Madhya Pradesh is no exception in the sexploitation of helpless inmates in the shelter homes. The Bhopal shelter home run by an NGO on Government financial grants its Director has come out as menace himself tormenting disabled girls. Whether in Muzzapharpur of Bihar, Deoria of Uttar Pradesh, Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh and Ahmedabad of Gujarat and in all the other states the shelters homes are virtually torture and crime centres. The police or some alert persons on finding such boys, girls or women in danger send such persons to shelter home for safety and security but actually such helpless persons are most unsafe and unsecured here in these shelter home. In all such ashrams the inmates are under fed with bad quality foods. Those officers and private NGO directors, exploit them sexually and even supply them as sex commodity to outside the shelter home to the homes of sex customers. There should be through CBI, judicial and administrative probing, investigation and enquiry in each and every shelter homes and report should be made public.

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