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Shakespeare’s tragic play Julius Caesar staged at Bharat Bhavan


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal To observe William Shakespeare’s birth anniversary, one of the tragic plays of Shakespeare ‘Julius Caesar’ was brilliantly staged at Antarang Hall, Bharat Bhavan. The play is directed by KK Rajan and is translated into Hindi by Arvind Kumar. It is one of several plays written by Shakespeare based on true events from Roman history. The play was staged by students of Madhya Pradesh School of Drama here on Sunday. Julius Caesar is considered as one of the best plays written by Shakespeare that narrated about the sudden assassination of Caesar by his best friend Brutus. Julius Caesar was a Roman general and statesman who lived between 100 BC to 44BC. He played an instrumental role in the demise of Roman Republic and rise of the Roman Empire. After winning several wars, Julius Caesar became very popular and powerful. When he was offered the crown by Mark Antony; he refused the crown at least three times. Some people were jealous of Caesar’s growing power and feared that he might become a dictator. Cassius hatches a conspiracy to murder Caesar. He wins over Brutus in this conspiracy because Brutus is the most trusted and respected in Rome. After the assassination of Caesar, the conspirators try to convince the Romans that this was done in the good for Rome and not their own purposed. The entire play was presented very well. From costumes to stage backdrop everything was beautifully done and the artists were able to impress the audience. “Shakespeare’s plays are written in many layers and hence unveil different emotions and struggles of relationships. Staging Shakespeare is the dream of every playwright and so it is very challenging to do justice to his original script, and I have tried my best,” said director KK Rajan.

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