Shariat Are Not Court


The Family Court of Bhopal of Chief Judge Mr.RN Chand ruled that the so-called Shariat Court are not Court and have no right to give judgments. It cannot function as Civil Court. The Family Court of Bhopal rejected the divorce given by a man to his wife and ordered the husband to pay maintenance of Rs.1825 per month to women. The implication of the judgment is that there is no divorce as it stand quashed. The judge citing the Supreme Court observed that the so-called Shariat Court could not decide matrimonial cases and consequently cannot given judgments on it. The women Shaheen Bi filed the case on maintenance before the Family Court. The husband pleaded as he has divorced the women he was not to pay the compensation. But as the court has rejected the divorce and granted the payment of compensation, the Muslim society should desist from harassing the women with cruelty on the name of Shariat. India is a political nation the laws framed by the State Vidhan Sabhas and Parliament will prevail over all other sectional religious laws.