Shirshendu Bharadwaj spoke for forum in Switzerland


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal While awaring thousands in India, Shirshendu Bharadwaj also spoke for a forum in Geneva, Switzerland. The Ambassador of Entrepreneurship & Space Development put his speech from the land of Buddha and Gandhi about empowerment of human resources. He said our resources are getting biased in one dimensional career opportunities. He asked everyone to remember the Concept of development as taught by Mahatma Gandhi, Sarvodaya through Antyodaya employing welfare through weakest of the society. He requested the forum to enlighten people about group formation, provide necessary mental courage for self employment & encourage retired skilled labours to enlighten darker regions of the world. He could not get aside from the subject of Entrepreneurship as he said to think about startup opportunities and challenges through a proper sustainable management. He put light on need for alterations in efficiency through training & availability of equipments.