Shivraj Singh Chouhan


The Chief Minister Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan dedicated his 5th March birthday as ‘Sava Divas’ out of 3 term of 15 years of Bhartiya Janata Party being in power in the state. Mr.Shivraj Singh is serving the state for the last 12 years as Chief Minister. A farmer himself his Government achieved highest growth rate in agriculture in the whole country. He is very sensitive and attentive to the needs and problem of farmers and agriculture. His ‘Bhavantar Bhugtan’s scheme for financial support to farmers is unique in India and other states are also adopting it. He initiated river link scheme in India for the first time by linking drying Kumbha river Khipra with Narmada to keep it ever flowing. His ‘Namo Namimi Narmade’ is far ahead than the Ganga Action Plan. It has a unique feature of fruit tree forest also its banks. Mr.Chouhan is very polite and humble in his public dealings. He is highly sensitive towards the ‘Girl Child’ and launched many schemes for them.