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Shweta Devendra and troupe enthrall the audience


Dance festival Dharohar at Shaheed Bhavan

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The three-day dance festival Dharohar is underway at Shaheed Bhavan. The fest is being organized by Kirti Ballet and Performing Arts, Bhopal in the memory of renowned choreographer Prabhat Ganguly. As a part of the three-day Indian classical dance festival ‘Dharohar 2018’, a gripping Bharatnatyam performance was staged at Shaheed Bhavan on Wednesday. Renowned Bharatnatyam dancer Shweta Devendra and her students splendidly performed the Bharatnatyam. The entire Shaheed Bhavan was packed with the traditional dance enthusiasts as they enjoyed the delightful combination of Bharatnatyam moves and captivating expressions. The artists were deeply immersed in the emotions themselves even as the mystic Bharatnatyam mesmerised all at Shaheed Bhavan Hall. The enraptured performance was choreographed by Shweta Devendra. The entire performance was not only about the speedy footworks and the complexity of the technique, but the zest was added with the ravishing light design. All through the performance, the lights played the characters on stage. The innovation by Anoop Joshi added more charisma to the traditional dance form and giving a pleasure to audience as they watched the performance with rapt attention.The event began with An Ode to God then was followed with Pushpanjali. The dancers then performed the Toyimangalam leaving the audience enthralled. The dancers then wooed the audience with Alaripu- Jatiswaram. Giving this thrilling performance the dancers staged Shiv Panchakshar Strot and then performed Padam in which they showcased Krishna Leela. While the dancers focused on the Krishna Leela they enthralled all with the abhinay. As they presented the traditional street games on staged, it created an entertaining atmosphere at the hall. The dancers then performed Devi Stuti and wrapped up their performances with the Tilana. The performances were loved by the audience.

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