Siddaramaiah describes Modi's campaign as 'hot air with no substance'


Bengaluru, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah today joined issue with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and sought a open debate with BJP Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa on the achievements of the Congress government during the last five years. In a tweet, Mr Siddarmaiah said let Mr Modi also be present during the debate.He said that the feverish pitch with which Mr Modi had carried out his campaign for the May 12 Assembly polls in the State only proved that his utterance were only 'hot air with no substance'. 'My contest is with only Mr Yedduirappa and not him' he said adding that Mr Modi was confusing the more than five crore voters of the State with his 'bombastic speeches on non issues'. He said let Mr Yeddyurappa give five reasons why the people should vote for him and he would provide five reasons for why they should not. Karnataka is politically mature and he was confident that the people would bring Congress back to power with a thumping majority.

The reasons he quoted were:

1. BJP ran the most corrupt government (2008-2013) in the history of Karnataka with one Chief Minister and five Ministers going to jail, 2. BJP ran an unstable government with three Chief Ministers in five years. MLAs were bought and sold under 'Operation Kamala'. They were herded around from Resort to Resort. With most surveys giving BJP far less seats than what is needed to form the government, Karnataka will not allow the state to be back to the same situation as in 2008. 3. BJP has no respect for freedom: freedom to life the way people want. Once in power they will impose a dress code, a food code and a code on who you can love, Above all they will impose Hindi over Kannada. 4. BJP has no commitment to peace. If in power, they will unleash communal elements on streets. Incidences like Church attack, Pub attack will come back. Cow vigilantes will be on streets. This is neither good for life or for business. with disrupted business jobs will go. 5. BJP does not keep the promises it makes. At the Centre they promised Rs 15 lakhs to every citizen, jobs and economic growth, In practice they demonetised the economy and killed growth, They have been anti farmer, anti women, anti youth anti Dalit and anti minorities and anti business.