Simultaneous Polls


BJP leaders from Mr.LK Advani upto Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi all are suggesting that in the country all the Elections – Lok Sabha and State Vidhan Sabha be held together. Even now at the meeting of the NITI Ayog with the Chief Ministers of the states, Mr.Modi suggested but without any formula or procedure how to do it. It is just an utopia without any practicability. Mere suggestion or expressing desire for it is meaningless exercise just a suggestion for the sake of suggestion. In the Constitution the term of Lok Sabha and States Vidhan Sabha are of five years but if for any political upsetting the ministry in Lok Sabha or in Vidhan Sabha lose majority and alternate ministry cannot be formed in the situation, the House is dissolved and fresh mid-term general election are held giving fresh full five year term to it. After Independence the Congress was the only monolith all India political party ruling at the Centre and all the States. But when socialist leaders Dr.Ram Manohar Lohia launched SVD phase in the decade of 1960 in politics removing Congress Government with defection from the ruling party the era of coalition Government started in country. Many Governments formed and fell culminating in fresh mid-term general elections. Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan in the decade of 1970 stated Janata Phase of making it another monolith party, but in series of splits it disintegrated and another phase of coalition Government stated. In this phase Prime Minister VP Singh, Jan Morcha formed the Government with BJP supporting it from outside. In eleven month the BJP withdrew support and VP Singh Government toppled down and fresh general election to the Lok Sabha were held. Same thing happened earlier also when in the disintegration of Janata Party its Morarji Government voted out in the Lok Sabha, Mr.Charan Singh formed the Government with Congress support and in four months, the Congress withdrew support and pulled it down. The Lok Sabha was dissolved and fresh mid-term general election to Lok Sabha were held. Simultaneous polls are possible only when there another phase monolith political party like Congress and there as single party governance at the Centre and States. Whether it is Mr.Advani or Mr.Modi or any other responsible leader when they suggest something like this they should also explain how to do it and amend the Constitution accordingly. The idea of simultaneous polls is not feasible. It is serious suggestion in a non serious way Mr.Modi suggested to begin within this directions to have uniform voter lists for the nation. But here the main issue is not voter list but five year terms of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha. If a Government within its five year term fall and alternate Government cannot be formed how a party Government can continue in the office. It is possible only when regional parties are eliminated and two party system is there for all time to come.