Sindhu Sena torches effigy of Cong MP


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Sindhu Sena activists, led by their president Rakesh Kukreja, burnt an effigy to protest against Congress MP Ripun Bora for his personal suggestion of removing Sindh word from national anthem and adding purvotar (northeast) word in place of Sindh word. The president of Sindhu Sena Rakesh Kukreja has said that after partition people of Sindh were spread in whole country. Sindhi society has whole province in Sindh which is in India but then Congress government has knowledge of Sindhi community. The community has established with their own hard work and its members are doing work for welfare of our country. From this personal interpretation of MP Bora there is anger in sindhi society from which the feelings of Sindhi society are hurt. MP Bora should apologize to Sindhi society, he said.