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Small Traders


In the election year the ruling party Governments become very generous in obliging various sections of the society. The teachers in Madhya Pradesh were on agitation path constantly against different categories of teachers and pay scales. In the election year their demands fulfilled and all of them absorbed as Government employees. The Aaganwadi workers were also given Government pay scales and status of being Government servants. In a conference the Chief Minister Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced that the maximum amount of compensation to traders in natural calamities will be increased to lakh from Rs.10,000. Spots for hand cart pullers will also be marked in different cities in the state. The banks will provide loan to 1,60,000 to small traders under Chief Minister Self Employment Scheme, Mudra Bank Scheme on Government guarantee this year. The 15 per cent subsidy of loan amount and five per cent interest amount will be given by the Government. For registration small and petty traders have only to give only one application. There will be no verification for registration. Whatever he or she says will be considered right and accepted.

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