Smt. Patel offers prayers to Maa Narmada; visits Maheshwar


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Governor Smt. Anandi Ben Patel today performed puja-archana of Maa Narmada at Ahilya Ghat in Maheshwar and took a boat ride around Maheshwar fort to view its beauty and carving. She visited Devi Ahilya’s Rajwada and pujan-sthal. She saw Devi Ahilya’s throne, stuff belonging to Holkar era and weapons and arms. Smt. Patel reached Anand Basera old age home in Maheshwar and met the inmates. She presented them flowers and enquired about their well being. She inspected the quality of food being cooked in the kitchen for the inmates and the beds on which they sleep. She planted a sapling of Dasahri mango in the garden of the old age home. National level players of Kakadda Government High School met the Governor. Praising the students for their achievements she presented them flowers and wished them well. Governor Smt. Patel inspected several spots in Maheshwar on Wednesday and gathered information about the intricacies of the products made in handloom industry.