Software Problem


The Modi Government has launched G.S.T. and entire trading activities and covered under it. Its return etc are online but its software are unable to coup up with the incoming huge work. Despite filing the return it do not reach at destination point. For no fault of the traders there are declared defaulter and penalty imposed on them. Our software becoming outdated within very short time. The software getting hanged, hacked and crash so frequently that G.S.T. has become trade hazard. Now the world has entered the computer era and there is question of going back. But for the proper working if there is no matching and fully working software the such outdated system will itself destroy the system. That is what it is happening in the G.S.T. system. E. Billing is hampering the trade movement. It is no way to achieving the target or objectives of one nation, one tax, one rate and one market. Recently the truck movement of goods became stand still on E. Billing. Instead of harassing the trade circle with penalty and rules-regulation the government must update its software system first and then insist on it. The business class is perfectly right when they say now their trade is not trading but compliance of G.S.T. The default of software will also amount of default of traders. The server down is the biggest problem the software users are facing. Out software technology still not able to overcome this malfunctioning of the G.S.T on online system. The 'Aadhar' is another problem the entire country it facing. Earlier illiterates used to give thump impression as symbol of signature and it is valid as final for all time to come. But a 'Aadhar' system many people are facing great difficult and ackward situation when in time of need they were told that their fingerprint are not matching and first should get updated to get their work done. The P.D.S. system meant for people of below poverty line were refused ration on the plea that their finger print were not matching. Now "Aadhar" is not permanent and final I.D. but one has to upgrade it often. Even people were not given railway ticket and they could not travel on the same plea. The Supreme Court is still dealing with the issue of making 'Aadhar' compulsory or not. In many cases the Supreme Court ruled that it was not compulsory. What we need today is to bring out software and Aadhar I.D. perfect in working. In many cases students were not allowed in examination as their ground finger not matched and students were deprived of appearing in examination.