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Some leaders have an eye on Congress’s shoulders for their ride


Despite crises of their existence, leaders of BSP, SP, TMC and RJD showing arrogance Pravesh Kumar Mishra New Delhi, As the dialogues for the major alliance begins, political bargains of the potential allies has reached the peak.Being a self-proclaimed candidate someone is showing arrogance or somebody is keeping an eye on how to take the advantage of support of castes which he has only on papers whereas in between these narcissisms, Rahul Gandhi’s dialogue of ‘we’ not ‘I’ has compelled them to think. Political experts believe that the after the parliamentary elections, parties which are shrinking has strategically made rhetoric as their weapon to bring Congress on their terms and conditions although the reality is that they themselves are surviving on the support of other regional parties. It means that they are only capable to sit a side and support. Political analysts believe that after the analysis of the percentage of votes which BSP got in assembly elections of UP, this party is not even capable to reach double digit figure. Not only this, the position of SP is also deteriorated after their family dispute and their popularity among voters is decreased. In such it will be justified to say that without unity in SP-BSP they have finished their capability to make or to spoil. Same situation is there with TMC also in West Bengal. BJP is continuously strengthening its root and on TMC, allegations of a ‘particular group party’ have started. In such a situation its future is looking dark without the alliance with Congress. So it can be said that TMC is struggling in to save its existing numbers. As far as the question of Bihar, there is a big difference between arithmetic and practical strategy. After the departure of JDU, RJD has been getting the support emotionally. But RJD has also need to see Congress to get the voters of other community. But without their self brain storming, high ambition of becoming the prime minister has awakened in the leaders of SP, BSP, TMC and RJD. But experts believe that at any cost, these four parties don’t have any support system or crowd of voters out of their provincial border. In such, this is a bitter truth that these particular four parties can get success by taking help of Congress or other parties in their dominated areas. Observers believe that JDS, NC and JMS, recognizing their existence, have not only shown the nobility but also shown the reality to other parties which have same ideology by expressing trust on leadership of Rahul Gandhi. Experts believe that leaders with high ambition are trying to secure second position with the support of Congress by taking maximum seats whereas Congress is engaged in making atmosphere by opening front against BJP at national level and some potential supporters are trying to occupy the power by taking the support of Congress’s shoulder. However on one hands Congress is ready to welcome same ideological parties by raising hands toward them and on the other hand the high ambition leaders of regional parties are holding the tail of Congress to cross the Styx but also signaling that they want to ride on the shoulders of Congress.

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