Sonia Gandhi


Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has to take over the post of Congress President again on 11th August 2019 for the time being as interim President till the election of Congress President by the AICC in the near future. Earlier she held the office for record 19 year from 1998 after Mr.Sitaram Kesari. She still continuing chairperson of Congress Parliamentary Party. In between she had some disease and was in America for some months for the treatment. To ease the burden of the work she inducted Mrs.Rahul Gandhi as Vice President and after some time in August 2017 he became President on 16 December 2017 and relieved Mrs.Sonia Gandhi on health ground. Mr.Rahul Gandhi started with a bang. In Gujarat Assembly election, the home state of Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi, where BJP was in power. He was able to reduce its majority and enhanced the number of Congress members. It was considered as effect of his leadership and moral victory over Mrs.Modi. Thereafter in the Vidhan Sabha elections in the Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, where Bhartiya Janata Party was in power, the Congress ousted the BJP from power and regained the power. It was considered as impact of Rahul leadership. People also thought that Mr.Rahul Gandhi is future Prime Minister. The party entered the Lok Sabha elections with high hope of coming in the power. But within 5-6 month the situation changed suddenly and Congress was defeated very badly in the election. In the home state of Mrs.Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi the Uttar Pradesh the Congress was having only 2 seats in 2014 election the Rai Baraili of Mrs.Sonia Gandhi and Amethi of Rahul Gandhi. But in 2019 the Congress could retain only one seat and lost Amethi in the defeat of Rahul Gandhi. As in 2014 in 2019 also Congress could win enough seat to became recognized opposition the Lok Sabha. The party that was inspiring to come to power with certainly lost very badly. The hopes of Congress dashed against the rocks within five month. It has caused deep depression in Congress rank and file. Mr.Gandhi took a strong decision and resigned from the post of Party President. For the last 2-3 months the party is persuading him to reconsider his decision and remain as Party President. He agreed to continue more four months and in the period the party should elect new President. But the party took it as Mr.Gandhi will continue when party has not done anything to select or elect a new President Mr.Rahul Gandhi taking unilateral decision demitted the office and announced that he was no longer Party President. A strange thing happened in Congress or any other party that there was no President. His party again requested him to continue but he remained adamant, ultimately the party requested Mrs.Sonia Gandhi to hold the office again for time being till the election of new President in the AICC.