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Soya and Shivraj


The Madhya Pradesh had achieved the status of being the Soya State of India decades back being the largest producer of Soyabean in the state agriculture. Both the Central Government policy and programme of fixing the Minimum Support Price (MSP) the Soyabean crop was not included. It was Mr.Chouhan who secured support price for the soyabean also. Soyabean is food in its flour and edible oil also in its extraction. Country is facing shortage of edible by 60 per cent of the requirement and we are importing in proportion. Madhya Pradesh soyabean is providing much of soyabean oil in the country.Now with the trade war between US and China in soyabean US export and China’s import is affected. The China requirement of soyabean of Rs.11-12 crore tones while its domestic production as one crore tones. It is importing 10 crore tones from US. Mr.Chouhan has suggested to the Prime Minister of see export of soyabean to China. It will give good price to farmers and our balance of trade with China will also improve.

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