Spat between BSP, BJP members in MP House


Madhya Pradesh Assembly 

Agencis, Bhopal The Madhya Pradesh Assembly today witnessed a spat between a woman Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) legislator and a ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member over raising an issue pertaining to the assembly constituency of another legislator. Congress legislator Shakuntala Khatik supported the woman BSP legislator and alleged that voice of women was being suppressed in the House. During the Question Hour, Ms Sheela Tyagi (BSP) sought action against responsible people for non-payment of compensation to peasants affected by the Bansagar Irrigation Scheme’s link canal. She alleged that farmers had been assaulted and their crops had been destroyed. Meanwhile, BJP legislator Divyaraj Singh said that the area came under his Sirmour constituency in Rewa District. He claimed that farmers had not made any complaint. Ms Tyagi asked whether she could not raise questions pertaining to other member’s constituency. In the meantime, Mr Singh made a personal comment against the BSP legislator legislator leading to a ruckus in the House. Water Resources Minister Narottam Mishra said that the farmers – from whom land was acquired – had been compensated. As Mr Singh tried to speak again, Congress members created a ruckus again and demanded the reason for the member responding to the query in place of the minister.

MP Assembly rocked over comment against media

Ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and principal-opposition Congress members today sparred in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly over an unparlimentary comment against media on the issuance of advertisements to media prompting Speaker Sitasaran Sharma to adjourn the proceedings for 10 minutes. During the Question Hour, Mr Jitu Patwari (Cong) alleged that a query related to the Public Relations Department has been amended to such an extent that its essence has been lost. An unparliamentary comment targetted at Parliamentary Affairs and Public Relations Minister Narottam Mishra and media by Mr Patwari led to a spat between BJP and Congress members. Mr Patwari said that the regime had informed – in response to his query yesterday – that Rs 18 crore was spent on the Narmada Seva Yatra. However, the reply to a query by another member today revealed that Rs 21 cr was spent on publicity alone. The Congress member alleged that the dispensation is distributing money to BJP workers in the name of media. Dr Sharma expunged several remarks describing them as unparliamentary from the proceedings. Nonetheless, Mr Mishra urged that the comments not be removed from proceedings. On the other hand, Mr Patwari said that he has not made any comment concerning media. Mr. Mishra, Revenue Minister Umashankar Gupta and Home Minister Bhupendra Singh also expressed objection. The ruling party remained firm on their demand for an apology from by the Congress to media. Amid the pandemonium, Dr Sharma has adjourned the proceedings of the House for 10 minutes. When the House re-assembled, ruling party members demanded an apology from the Congress to the media again. Observing that the House has rich traditions, Co-operative Minister Vishwas Sarang said that Congress legislators are using the platform to avenge their personal affairs. However, Congress chief whip Ramniwas Rawat said that Mr Patwari has not made unparliamentary remarks. He alleged that the ruling party was instigating the opposition. Meanwhile, Dr Sharma continued the proceedings. Later, Mr Mishra, while talking to media in the Vidhan Sabha premises, alleged that local media in Indore had published some news against a family member of Mr Patwari. Troubled by this, Mr Patwari was using insulting words against the media in the House. He demanded that the Congress legislator should publicly apologise for using unparliamentary words against media. Earlier, a ruckus-like situation was witnessed when Congress member Jaivardhan Singh raised the issue of Rs 140 cr – out of Rs 640 cr spent on publicity in the past four years – being paid to agencies outside the state. He said that Rs 21 cr was spent on publicity of the Narmada Seva Yatra but only Rs 4 crore was spent on the Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana’s publicity though it is related to peasants. No money was spent on the crop insurance scheme. Ruling and opposition members traded allegations and counter-allegations over the issue with the latter claiming that payments are being made to fake companies outside the state. Assembly commences discussion on budgetary estimates. The Madhya Pradesh Assembly today commenced general discussion on budgetary estimates for 2018-19. Initiating the debate, Mr Mukesh Nayak (principal-opposition Congress) said that the Government should draw comparison of its Budget with that of other states instead of Madhya Pradesh’s budget in 2003. “The size of budget of other states has grown remarkably. On the other hand, revenue receipts in the state are much less. Nineteen other states are ahead of Madhya Pradesh in terms of budgetary allocations. The state is leading in malnutrition and crimes against women,” he said. Participating in the debate, Mr Om Prakash Saklecha (ruling Bharatiya Janata Party) described the budget as positive for agriculture and education.While Mr Nayak was participating in the debate, Deputy Speaker Rajendra Kumar Singh was forced to adjourn the House for five minutes in the absence of quorum – requiring presence of at least 10 per cent of members of the House – after BJP member Rajendra Pandey pointed out the matter. Proceedings resumed after Parliamentary Affairs Minister Narottam Mishra came to the House and quorum was completed. Finance Minister Jayant Malaiya had presented the Rs 2,04,642.44 cr Budget on February 28. Speaker Sitasaran Sharma had scheduled the general discussion on budgetary estimates on March 9 and March 12.

War of words in Assembly between Minister, Oppn member

The Madhya Pradesh Assembly today witnessed heated exchange between Minister of State for General Administration Lal Singh Arya and principal-opposition Congress member Govind Singh during the discussion on a calling attention notice over the construction of a dam on the Sindh River and building of a water tank in Datia district’s Jara village. “Contractors are digging out fertile soil from land belonging to farmers for construction. Stones near farm land are being crushed to make rubble. Poor quality of construction is being carried by contractors in collusion with certain officials. I urge the Government to send a senior official and technical experts to examine the ongoing construction work and assess its impact on probability of erosion and quality of work,” said Dr Singh while raising the issue. While Urban Development and Housing Minister Maya Singh consented to the member’s demand, Mr Arya levelled allegations with regards to attempts being made to scuttle development work in his assembly constituency, Gohad. A war of words took place between the Minister and Dr Singh as they both traded charges. Later, Deputy Speaker Rajendra Kumar Singh expunged the remarks.